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Namibian discomforts

A couple of things about Namibia definitely took me out of my comfort zone: taking pictures of the San as if they were zoo animals on display, and eating the sorts of wild animals that roam Etosha. Doing both required … Continue reading

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Uakii cultural tour

As exciting as the Etosha tour was, the highlight of our stay has to be the cultural tour we took into the eastern Kalahari to camp next to a San (Bushman) village, and the next day to visit a village … Continue reading

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Namibia, a beautiful land!

NAMIBIA! What a contrast between Angola and Namibia! It’s a large country with a tiny population of about 2 million. Between cities and towns are vast expanses of empty desert or scrub bush and no one else on the road. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

My trip to Angola in August 2010 promises to be one of nonstop surprises, orientation, disorientation, and reorientation. The last time I was in Angola was in 1966, 5 years into the war for independence from Portugal and still 9 … Continue reading

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