Angolan consulate in DC closed

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am very grateful that my family and I were able to travel to Angola in August. I came home thinking seriously about going back next year. But now that may be impossible. The Angolan consulate in Washington DC, and probably also in Houston and New York and wherever else Angola has consulates in the US, has closed. The Angolan ambassador has been recalled to Luanda for consultations and the newly appointed American ambassador to Angola may not be able to start work. Bank of America sent them a letter saying that their accounts were being closed, with no explanation. Last year HSBC closed their accounts. Rumors are that money laundering is the basis for this action. The US State Department is working with the consulates to remedy the situation. Since Angola is the 6th largest supplier of oil to the US, I imagine it is in our interest to work it out. I hope that this will be a temporary closing, for my sake as well as all the other Americans who plan a trip soon.


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Missionary kid/ global nomad, writer, retired librarian, returning to my childhood home after 50 years.
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1 Response to Angolan consulate in DC closed

  1. Joyce Myers-Brown says:

    Nancy, thanks so much for telling us about this — sad news that it is! Hope it can be reversed….and even more I pray for honest, transparent leadership for Angola!! (And for everywhere!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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