Tasting at Solms-Delta

A winery partly worker-owned near Franschhoek


About nancyhj

Missionary kid/ global nomad, writer, retired librarian, returning to my childhood home after 50 years.
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1 Response to Tasting at Solms-Delta

  1. Joyce Myers-Brown says:


    Avoyo!! What a JOY to read all your blogs!! I had not checked your web site lo these many weeks of your “Homecoming” and — being of the old pre-blog generation — I guess I expected a type of “newsletter” once you’d get home, and I was waiting for that!

    Robin — bless his heart! — enlightened me and pasted some of your blogs into an e-mail and I was “spellbound” reading your comments. I could see it all! You are such a great writer, Nancy! And boy did the Angola part cause me lots of ONGEVA!!!

    THANK you for sharing all this with us. What a gift! I do feel like I’m there with you all. And for rest of your travels “vonjila mu yele”! (“may the path be bright”)

    Much love and thanksgiving,

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